I do not like dating sites: When Online Dating Doesn’t Work, Do This

Using dating sites is no longer a taboo and it is often so much better: the subject is now approaching uninhibited, articles on the question are linked and I do not count the number of friends met their half on  Tinder, Happn or OkCupid.

It’s great for users … and much less for refractories.

Yes, there I speak of all the people who do not like to use this kind of application. I also think of my friends who have this strange feeling of having “used” too much these platforms and who want to find spontaneity by meeting IRL people.

When I panic, I think that our parents have managed to survive without the Internet, so we should get there too. And then, do not we say that vintage is fashionable?

So if you are wondering how and where to meet people “as in the old days”, here are four simple solutions to achieve this!

Be open to meetings!

We often hear that we find love when we least expect it. Above all, I say to myself that this expression is false and is a simple means of replying to a friend who complains of his celibacy.

In fact, I am guided in my life by a whole other mantra a bit more feel good: luck is provoked.

It means that we are more likely to have a good time coming out of the house than by having Netflix and Chill nights with her cat and her glass of sweet cider (or raw, let’s be crazy!).

People, there are everywhere. Between neighbors, shopkeepers, friends, comrades, colleagues or simply strangers in the street, we spend our time meeting people. And that’s where it’s important to stay open.

I remember trying to challenge a 18-year-old to talk to a new stranger every day. At first, I thought it impossible, and then realized that by looking for interactions, I was very easily connected with people who were themselves open.

So I spoke to a stranger on the bus, another woman waiting on a bench, guys returning from evenings … In short, to a whole panel of people that I was content to ignore until then.

So do not worry and start discussions. This will make you more friendly and allow you to meet more people, be more socially comfortable and be more comfortable the day you meet someone you really like.

In summary :

Give a little more attention than usual to the people you meet.
Restart the conversations that row, do not run away at the least white.
Forge a strong social network
Do you flourish, happy people are always nice to rub shoulders!

Use your pre-existing social network to meet new people

A simple solution to meet people, especially in love, is to simply rely on the knowledge you already have: friends, classmates or colleagues. You may tell me: but these people, I already know them and they do not attract me …

I will answer you simply: think in tree. Each of these people has external knowledge, and the friends of my friends are my friends … See why not lovers!

Clearly, see your knowledge as levers to an even higher number of encounters.

Here are some simple ideas to get to this point:

Ask your friends to invite you to drink glasses with friends you do not know
Organize an evening where each guest • is required to come with an unknown person
When we invite you to an evening where you do not know anyone: go ahead (and be open!)
Suggest to your friends • to meet in bars or clubs: it is sometimes less pleasant to talk … But we can meet many people!

So a friend who came out of a painful break managed to do a lot of meeting without getting out of his comfort zone … And good news, in the lot, it allowed him to meet a nice flirtation which lasted a few months!

Go to organized group meetings

If your friends are in spheres that you do not like, or if you just want to get out of your bubble, there are other solutions.

The most comfortable is to join group meetings organized. The principle is simple: a place and a time of meeting are given and those who are interested by the exit meet on site.

The benefits are multiple: as the group is unknown, everyone is forced to mix with everyone and we can meet people from very different backgrounds. Finally, it can go out in places where we do not usually go with his family.

These events are usually not specifically for fishing … But let’s be honest, I’ve met many couples who have met like that and have been going on for a number of years now.

Where to find this kind of events:

We Go Out is a site offering friendly meetings of all types in most major cities of France.
Internationally, the CouchSurfing community offers similar events in a very large number of cities around the world. In most cases, there is also a Facebook page dedicated to regional events. Small bonus: if you want to practice your languages, there are many internationals.
On Facebook, regional groups post ads for this type of grouping. In Paris, there is for example the group “Wanted Sortie” which counts no less than 30 000 members!

Do a sports / artistic activity in a club

A good solution to extend your social network is also to take sports classes or club activities.

This allows two things. The first is to have fun and improve yourself in a practice. The second is to meet people who share at least this activity with you. This is already in common!

In short, it is an easy solution to start a group where you do not know anyone. And if you do not want to commit to several months, you can always turn to internships that last only a weekend or a week.

Meeting love is not necessarily a complicated quest

Dating is not necessarily very complicated. I know how impressing or seemingly impossible it is, but there are almost always solutions.

Above all, if you are (like me in the past) freaked out at the idea of ​​making a ball on which your meetings will judge you until the end of your days, rest assured: if everything goes well then, people will forget. And yes, sorry, the world is not only around you!

What really matters is not being perfect, but being yourself!

That’s the most important thing.