Why are we hooked on dating on the Internet?

Tape to your phone, open screen on a dating app, you “swipe” sometimes right, sometimes left with a distracted eye. Find a “date”? Child’s play. But why has this become a way of life for many of you?

“I met my boyfriend on the Internet, on the french chat site NRJ‘, we started talking, and since then, we never quit,” says Sofya, 20. Social networks, applications, fun sites … Internet is full of ways to train you to chat and find “the shot of a night” or sometimes even the soul mate. Continue reading

I do not like dating sites: When Online Dating Doesn’t Work, Do This

Using dating sites is no longer a taboo and it is often so much better: the subject is now approaching uninhibited, articles on the question are linked and I do not count the number of friends met their half onĀ  Tinder, Happn or OkCupid.

It’s great for users … and much less for refractories.

Yes, there I speak of all the people who do not like to use this kind of application. I also think of my friends who have this strange feeling of having “used” too much these platforms and who want to find spontaneity by meeting IRL people.

When I panic, I think that our parents have managed to survive without the Internet, so we should get there too. And then, do not we say that vintage is fashionable?

So if you are wondering how and where to meet people “as in the old days”, here are four simple solutions to achieve this!

Be open to meetings!

We often hear that we find love when we least expect it. Above all, I say to myself that this expression is false and is a simple means of replying to a friend who complains of his celibacy. Continue reading